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K-Music and Arts Film Festival (KMAFF).  "White flag". Electronic Music Video: Official Selections.
Mannheim Arts and Film Festival. "White flag". Best Human Rights Film.
Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @ PinewoodStudios. "White flag". Official Selections.
Thilsri International Film Festival. "White flag". Best music video.
Trailer Performance Studio "Was deine Oma nicht sagte"
Art performance music video "White flag"

Music video production Apathe "My path"
Art project and illustrations  "Betaniendamm № 0"
Workshop. Wiederstand. Hier & jetzt! Memorial to the German Resistance, Berlin.
Art education research project  "Flight to freedom". UdK Berlin.
Music video production DJ Bulet  "Lebens Realitäten"

Website design by artists Yuliana Bardolim and Sergey Vorontsov

Website design and illustrations
Design, layout and illustrations for book of feminists poems "72 time zones" Anna Sedaya.
Posters "Smash mythos about feminists"

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