Late repatriates. The lost branches.

2020. Project, production and animation for a multimedia installation.

Multimedia Installation based on a graphic novel. 3-channel video, LCD panels, graphics. It was shown in the "Gallery of Unity" on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of German unity in Potsdam ".  >>>>>>>>

Stairs. 2015. Performance

Artplay. Moscow

Probably, this is a performance about hopelessness in general. A hopelessness that arises when the dominant vertical of power is not willing to give its power to horizontal forces and change towards equality. This is a performance about violence caused by people unwilling to give their power away. And about the understanding of gender as a form of dominant and submissive behavior.

Ascencion resembles the labor of Sisyphus, and as we try to ascend, we confirm to this model of hierarchy. But is it worth it to spend so much effort? Or is it worth changing the «leadership» relationship model to a «partnership»?

The performance took place at the Artplay platform in 2015 within the framework of Mediaudar (Media Impact) on 6-th moscow biennale.

Before the start of the performance, I said: «When we were little, we were told: you were born equal, you live in the fairest country and you have equal rights with everyone. Nevertheless, we had to be taller, smarter, stronger ... And without thinking about this contradiction, we entered this life to become taller, smarter, bolder, stronger.»

So I and my assistant, we began to climb the stairs together. When we reached the middle, the assistant suddenly turned around and pushed me down the stairs. No matter how hard I tried to go up, I was inevitably pushed down from the stairs.

When the power of the blow was so strong that I had to fall down or lose my breath, I was saying something about the events in the country related to my personal history or just cases from life connected with violence of the authorities or discrimination, ending with the sentence saying we need to be taller, grow and head upward.


The action lasted about an hour. The performance had an open end, it was designed to interact with the audience, or I had to fall and no longer get up breathless. However, the reaction exceeded my expectations. At some point, one of the spectators could not stand it anymore and rushed up the other side of the stairs and pushed the assistant down. >>>>>>>

Erasing. 2014. HD video

One's actions are not only modelled by thoughts of the future, «looks forward», but also under the influence of events from the past. The inability to chase away thoughts and memories away makes one unconsciously repeat seemingly meaningless actions. In rubbing one's face, hands, as if performing a magical meditative ritual, there is some kind of healing, getting rid from obsessive phantoms of the past. >>>>>>

2 STAGE. HD video from project «2 stage».

Personal show 2012 г., Zverev Center.

Work nominated for the Kandinsky Prize


Common knowledge in psychology: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has identified five stages of grief, loss of a loved one. This principle applies to acceptance of any other unexpected events. Stage 2 ― aggression. Stage 5 ― acceptance. According to statistics, only 2% of people reach the 5th stage.

Loss... Sometimes we all lose something, someone ...

We try to ignore the fact that leads us to the unpleasant thoughts ...

We throw away unnecessary things, get rid of unwanted habits.

There is no more TV in my life, and I do not know what «biting one's nails» means. The word «nail-biting» is stricken out from my vocabulary! I cross out «affection»... What other undue points are left there? What else is hard to think about? Ah, it’s «respect», «freedom», i cross them out too.

We do not let unwanted people in our lives.

Sometimes, while being closely together we may still be inexistent for each other. If that is not enough, we cross people out of our lives, especially if they do something wrong.

People die... We cross their memories out, so that they would not hurt us, or we cross our love for life out, in memory of the departed.

It’s an illusion of comfort. Emptiness, absence of irritating stimuli. We minimize our pain while possibly causing some to others. A closed circle.

But (there is always a «but»), people do not disappear forever. >>>>>>>